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Daniel, Home Appliance Technician
Category: UK Appliance
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Experience:  25+ yrs. experience in white goods repair. NVQ Level 2 electronics manufacturers training courses.
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I have a Neff B1422NOGB/10 with a persistent intermittent

Customer Question

I have a Neff B1422NOGB/10 with a persistent intermittent fault. The oven was working fine but every one and then would just fizz and reset as though there was a RCD tripping.
I have checked each of the elements and all seem fine. I have checked all the connections and again all seem fine. More recently it has been automatically switching off as soon as I switch to any of the functions even the light or fan. I am pretty sure there is a short somewhere but I can't see where the problem may lie.
Any advice would be very welcome.
Thank you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.
Hi, I'm Daniel and I'll be helping you today I've been repairing white goods for 20+ yrs. and currently work for a well-know manufacturer.
Ok when you say its switching off is it tripping the electrics?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It's not tripping the electrics just the oven on its own.
Once tripped it normally comes back on with the clock reset and flashing within a few minutes but now it is taking much longer.
I was thinking it might be the thermostat originally but I am no longer sure about that. Seems more like the TOC but it shorts even if I just switch to the light or fan. Occasionally it will switch on with the fan only but as I turn up the temperature as soon as the thermostat light click on the power shuts down.
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.
Ok thanks for that. In this case it does sound like its possibley the TOC or the control module. It wont be the thermostat as a thermostat doest cause this fault you have.
What you need to do first is pull the oven out and remove the back panel and from there you will see the mains connection block were the mains cable goes to. Just check this and make sure its not burnt out.
If thats fine then remove the top and you will see the TOC on the top panel towards the back. Check the wiring to this as sometimes it can burn and give a bad connection. If so then you need to replace this.
But if the TOC is fine then its going to be the control board at the back on the top at fault. As the selector switch, timer or main thermostat wont cause this issue you have.
So check the TOC and the connector block and see if they are fine and if so then its more then likely the control board at fault here.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
There are two TOCs on this oven. One attached to the light and one to the rear panel of the oven itself. Not sure if there are any others related directly to either of the two motors.Of the two I can see, neither look to be scorched or marked and there are no signs of shorting around the main terminal block.When you mention the control board, again there are two. One at the rear on the top that appears pretty simple, just a big resistor and capacitor and buzzer. The other is integrated with the timer.Before I fork out lots of money on the wrong one is there any way to tell which might be at fault?
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.
The 2 TOCs you see one is for the cooling fan so will be a cut in thermostat rather then a cut out.
As to the control board the one at the back is the main board. The timer is the automatic cooking timer. But it could still be that. As they are control boards then theres no way of testing them unless you are good at electronics and able to test each componment on the board. But other than that we just replace the parts.
But going of the fault you have if the TOC is fine then its more likely the control board rather then the timer itself.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I will have a look at replacing this board then but it's getting pretty late at night to be organising this so I will come back to you shortly to let you know if this fixed the issue.Thanks for now.
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.
No worries thats fine.