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Hi, I have a Lamona HJA8631 dishwasher that doesnt work???? When

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Hi, I have a Lamona HJA8631 dishwasher that doesn't work????
When I turn it on the dishwasher gives a beep, after about 5 seconds all the wash programme lights come on then go off. If I put my ear to it I can hear a high pitch noise. I am basically unable to select any programme and no lights come up when I press any control buttons. Where the rinse aid is low the red warning light comes on so I am guessing there is power to the machine. Can you help please. thanks, Myles
Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you with your problem today. If anything isn't clear, please just ask me.

This is normally the main board that gives these symptoms.
Can you tell me how old this is please?

Do you not hear any pumps run at all, or any water running?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dishwasher is just over 2years old. I can't hear any pumps running or water. When it first happened I pressed the buttons in attempt to reset it and it went through some sort of cycle. But since it did that once nothing happens now??
Hi Myles


I am guessing that this came from Howdens along with a new kitchen.
The problem is that Lamona is a brand name of Howdens, and they just buy these machines (often from China), and re badge them. Some are made by Beko, some by Haier, and other manufacturers.

This makes getting parts a bit tricky.

My honest advice would be to get a fixed price repair on this rather than attempt it yourself, as this includes all the parts required
Please let me have your postcode and Ill try and get a price for you

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks Rob, if it's a main board can I source one and fit it?? I researched some fixed price repairs and we're trying to avoid paying £120 or so.
If you can get me a price I'm a CT9 post code. Thanks.
Hi Myles

Is that A Canterbury post code? Small world, my sister lives in Sandwich !

OK, I understand about the cost. The few who will do this brand are about £120. A lot wont do them because of the "issues" with them being a bit of an unknown quantity.

I have seen a module for sale here (Just click on the word in blue). It also fits a Belling machine, again its a Chinese re badged machine.

The only word of warning I would give, is that due to its complex electronics, its not possible to test this component to be sure this is what is faulty, although, nearly all that I have seen, are.

If you need more help, please ask

In the meantime,

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