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Drcool, Home Appliance Technician
Category: UK Appliance
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Experience:  i am an expert in the Home Appliance category in the US. been in the field for more than 12 years.
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Hello We have a Maytag AC2225GEBK fridge since a week it is

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Hello We have a Maytag AC2225GEBK fridge since a week it is making a strange buzzing noice followed with a click in intervals so not constant. I already replaced the overload relay with a original one but the problem still occurs. Thanks for any answers. Regards Roy

Drcool : Hello Roy, is the compressor very hot at the moment? Be careful, it could be too hot to handle.
Drcool : Have you checked and replaced the capacitor on the unit as well? This is part of the starting circuit as well.
Drcool : If it is very hot, I suggest you let it cool at the moment . Leave it un plugged for 4 hours and plug it back, see if the compressor would now run with out clicking the overload.
Drcool : Hello, you can reply on the lower box. Type your reply and hit reply.
Customer: Hi, temp of the compressor is hot I could not leave my hand for more than a second so I turned off the fridge to let it cool, I will get back to you if the comp is starting without clicking, later.
Drcool :

Ok. By the have a fan motor near the compressor. When you plug the unit back, observe this fan if it is running,. It should be running the same time the compressor runs. If this fan is not running, then that could be the cause why the compressor is over heating.

Drcool :

If I am offline, just post what you find out and I will respond as soon as I log back in after about 6 hours...thanks.

Customer: After 4 hours fired up the fridge and for a couple of hours no buzzing and normal cooling but now (aprox 2 hours later) the noise is back.
Drcool :

ok. Did you take a look at the fan? is it running? The cover should be placed back while testing the unit. This would ensure that the condenser coil will be cooled down.

Drcool :

Here is a parts diagram that would look like your unit. Please click the blue words.

Drcool :

Please take a look at the front of the unit. Remove the front kick panel and check the condenser coil if it is clogged with dirt and dust. That would be item 15 on the parts diagram.

Drcool :

If it is dirty, give it a good vacuum and cleaning. Then do the test again after 4 hours of not running. Make sure the cover at the back is in place so that the air would pass through the condenser coil from the front.

Customer: Hi, I have cleaned the coil and left it to cool when its time I will start it up and see what will happen keep you posted.
Drcool :

ok. i will be waiting....

Customer: Ok, I have started the fridge everything went well no heavy buzzing but after one hour the buzzing was there not that annoying and loud as it was but still it was there.
Drcool :

OK. Please tell me if the fan near the compressor is running when you started it, and you put the back panel back in place.

Drcool :

IS the clicking sound still there? Is the buzzing sound different from the clicking sound before?

Drcool :

If it is the same, try to replace the capacitor as well as the starting relay if you just replace the overload relay. In this parts diagram, the capacitor is item 8 and the starting relay is item 4.

Drcool :

One more thing, when the buzzing starts, does the unit stops cooling? ( If there is the clicking sound, the unit would stop cooling but if there is no clicking sound and it is just a buzzing sound, then the unit might continue to cool down)

Customer: Yes the fan is running and the panel is in place, buzzing and click are still there but not as frequent and loud as before, for changing the relay and capacitator I did this already got it from Parts centre Maytag last week if I have to replace it again then I have to seek contact with them for swapping the part.
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