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Drcool, Home Appliance Technician
Category: UK Appliance
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I just moved to Korea and set up my washer and dryer I was

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I just moved to Korea and set up my washer and dryer I was using in Germany. I have a strange error code on BOTH washer and dryer that I think might be related to voltage or amperage. The symbol is the same for both: E, then a strange symbol almost like a number 4, then 0 or something like E40, but its not a 4.

Drcool :

Hello, It could be a small letter "h" or a capital " H " that might have to do with Hertz or the frequency of the power supply.

Drcool :

I know Germany would be a 50 Hz supply and Kore could be a 60 Hz supply. So that could be a problem with frequency sensitive appliances.

Drcool :

It has something to do with the speed of the motor that would increase if it becomes 60 Hz or would decrease if it was plugged to a 50 Hz frequency, even though you have the same voltage .

Drcool :

Please look at some name plates of local appliances there in Korea and tell me what is the voltage rating of the appliances stamped on the name plates. It would tell us if it is a 50 Hz or a 60 Hz supply.

Drcool :

If the problem is difference in frequency, then it is a big problem. You can not use your washer and drier there unless, you would contact a local electrical company and ask them if they have a frequency converter. This is a device that would convert the frequency of the power supply.


yes 60 Hz is stamped on the microwave here. Since both the washer and dryer have the same error, motor speed being affected makes perfect sense. Are frequency converters common items old? I've never needed one so I'm not sure if they are sold locally.

Drcool :

I can not tell if it would be readily available in your area because it would really not supposed to be needed but they are popular on marine suppliers since boats travel to different parts of the world that is why it is a common accessories for boats.

Drcool :

You can maybe order online. It would look like this. There would be power rating and voltage rating. So please get the power rating of both units, add them up. multiply by two, and that would be the unit to buy.

Drcool :

Example, if the washer is 500 watts and the drier is 1000 watts, their sum is 1500 watts, multiply by 2 then get a 3000 watts frequency inverter or sometimes they would rate in in kilowatts. So that would be a 3 kilowatt inverter.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

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You are very much welcome.

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