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Hello, add 30 sec, defrost, time cook and timer buttons are

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Hello! Just "add 30 sec, defrost, time cook and timer" buttons are not working. what can cause that? Thank you

Appliance_Guy : Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you.
Appliance_Guy : I assume you are talking about a microwave oven. If so, the problem is going to be with the touch membrane/panel. You can try to blow dry the membrane on low heat and see if that helps you in any way, if not you have to replace the touch pad. I will need a model number if you want a price and part number for the part. Thanks Josh.

Hi Josh! Thank you for the response. I wanted to do what you've suggested, but couldn't change the power level to low. Got the message: " Power level can't be changed at this time

Appliance_Guy : Sorry for the late response, it's been a busy week. It sounds like unfortunately your panel has failed and will need to be replaced. These panels usually fail due to moisture getting into the Molex connector on the ribbon cable and corroding the connection. If you send me your model number I can look up the part and where to buy it. Thanks.

That's fine. The model number is XXXXX Would I be able to replace the panel by myself? If yes, please let me know the steps of how to do that. Can I replace the Molex connector instead or the connector is part of the cable?

Appliance_Guy :

hi, yes the connector is part of the cable, it is not serviceable. The part number you send me is invalid can you check again, also the part is most likely between 50 and $100. you could replace it your self but it requires security screw bits to open the cabinet to gain access to the control panel. also you are dealing with the potential of working around 3000v even when the power is off due to the capacitor.If you are not too comfortable working around high voltage, then i would leave it to a professional.

Appliance_Guy :

Sorry not part number **model** number.


Full Size Image


Is there different model on the microwave iotself?

Appliance_Guy : When you open the door to the microwave it should have a data tag. On that tag it will have a complete model number.
Appliance_Guy : Is this the same touch pad?

I found it, thank you. JVM1750DM1CC

Appliance_Guy : Unfortunately this part is in available. Here is the link. You can try calling repair clinic and see if it's on back order or discontinued.
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