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I have a ZWF1217W. It runs OK for a few washes then I find

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I have a ZWF1217W. It runs OK for a few washes then I find the machine showing the start time and the run light flashing. I can only get any thing to happen by 1 pressing reset till the display is blank, 2 turn off the mains to the machine 3 tuning mains on and selecting a program, 4 skipping to drain and running a drain cycle. Then I can usually run through a complete program. Now it is failing on each run.
I have taken the controller out and cleaned the PCB previously which fault for a few weeks!
Any ideas what is failing
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This sounds like a faulty PCB.
Are you saying that when you took it out, it resolved the problem for a few weeks?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes that's correct.

Last night I disconnected all the wires from the pcb nad cleaned the contacts and replaced them, it has done 2 washes without fault since then.

But yesterday morning I did this and could not complete a wash all day!

So I need to know what to replace to definitely deal with the problem.

Sorry not replying till now but have been out all day.

Hi Norman

I would check and test the wiring very closely
There may be a break in the wiring,
Failing that the next culprit is the pcb board itself, however there is no way for the homeowner to test this component, and it will be over £100

How old is the machine and how many times a week do you use it please?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

9 years old. I have replaced the drum bearing and motor brushes, so mechanically it is in good working order.

It is used at least once a day.

Hi Norman

I have to say that it is my honest opinion, not to replace this part.
Check the wiring carefully.
If thats not the problem, I would invest the money in a new machine.
The machine would be considered coming to the end of its life it was only used twice a week, but if you use it everyday at least once...........................!

The problem with spending such a large amount of money on an older machine is that next week you could have a relatively small part fail, that is no longer available, thus rendering the machine useless.

Im sorry its not good news, and you must do as you see fit, but I have to be honest with you, as I am sure you understand.

If I can help further, please just ask.
In the meantime,

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