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I recently bought a Bosch built-in washer-dryer. I have heard

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I recently bought a Bosch built-in washer-dryer. I have heard that failure to clean filters and condenser units can cause a fire. I can find no mention of a condenser unit in the instruction manual, so assume there isn't one. The problem is that I'm not sure where the filter is. There are various pipes and taps under my kitchen sink, but none of them resembles the illustration in the instruction manual. Also, is it essential to clean the drain pump? If so, I might need to get a plumber to do this. (I'm a woman in her seventies and not at all a do-it-yourself person).
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Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you with your problem today. If anything isn't clear, please just ask me.

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It is true that on the condenser dryers you have to keep the filter clean, BUT, this does depend on the model.


On this particular machine there is no condenser to clean, just the filter

When you look at the machine, down on the floor there is either a flap or a cover.
You have to take this off as per the manual, and the filter is unscrewed behind there.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My last washer-dryer had a flap at the bottom of the machine. This one has nothing. The manual refers to a "filter in the water supply hose".


I've already tried to send you this reply, but I keep getting cut off (the connection was reset).

Hi Carol

Thanks for coming back to me.

The filter in the main inlet hose is only there to stop sediment getting into the machine.
You can forget all about this as its so rare that you will have a problem there.

If you look at page 16 of the manual, it shows how you remove the lower flap. The normal circular filter is behind this.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There must be something wrong with my computer at home, as I can't log into the JustAnswer website any more. So now I'm in an internet cafe. I answered your message (above) yesterday, but my answer seems to have disappeared.


I think you've got the wrong manual. The cleaning and care section starts on p.17, not p. 16. On p. 18 there are instructions for cleaning the filter in the water supply hose. Is this the same thing as the filter in the main inlet hose, which you say I can forget all about? I can't find any mention of another filter in the instruction manual, so what exactly am I supposed to clean? There is no flap or cover on the front of my machine.


As my computer at home is hopeless, I'll try to get back to an internet cafe later. I'm going away on holiday tomorrow for a week, so if I can't get through to you today I'll have to try again on my return.

Sorry to hear of your computer problems.

Please go here (just click on the word ”here”).
Wait for the page to settle, ignore the adverts then click the download button. You are looking for the Media Fire file.This is a PDF file so you can save it or print it for future reference..

I think we have the same manual, maybe its just the numbers on the pages that are different, but if you look at the above manual and go to page 18, it talks about the drain pump. And then cleaning the removable part. This is the only filter that you need to clean periodically.

I think that part of the problem may also be that Bosch do not call that removable circular part, a filter, but this is the only part you need to clean

Above this it shows how that bottom panel is removed

There is one filter in the back of the machine, where the cold hose attach's to the machine. This you can forget.

If you need more help please just come back to me , otherwise, please don't forget to rate me

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I've already tried to reply to this once, but was cut off again, so hope you don't get this message twice.


We do have the same manual. So it's the drain pump which has to be cleaned after all. But as the illustration on p. 18 doesn't show the whole of the front of the machine, I'm not sure exactly where the kick panel is. Is it at the top of the machine, on a level with the detergent drawer?


Also, how often should the drain pump be cleaned, i.e. after how many washing cycles? And if it isn't cleaned regularly, is this really likely to cause a fire? I've heard some dire warnings about this. The cleaning process seems quite a procedure, though. (In my old machine, the filter was easy to locate and clean, and one didn't need a screwdriver!)


The panel is right down low on the floor. On your old machine the filter was probably behind a flap. On this you have to pull of the panel, to get access to this, the only filter you need worry about.

You only need to clean it about every 6 weeks or so, about the same as your last machine.

The fire risk is more to do with dryers only as there can be a build up of lint. Yours is a washer dryer so doesn't suffer the same problems

Hope that helps
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