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I have a 5-burner Smeg range - the center burner has a problem

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I have a 5-burner Smeg range - the center burner has a problem with the pilot light -it clicks when I turn it on and doesn't stop. I turned it on and it cut out all the other burners. Now non of my burners will turn on. What should I do? I can't seem to find a service provider for this stove on their web site. Seems like a fancy stove with little local support. I live in NYC - the capital of consumerism! Any thoughts?
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Is there no gas coming through or is there gas and no spark?

If its the latter it sounds like the spark generator has failed.

Can you tell me the model number please?

If you need an engineer to visit, please call the central number (888)(NNN) NNN-NNNNand they should be able to arrange this for you

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm not sure what model - it has 5 burners. 30" wide - Gas on top, electric oven. I can't find a model number on the range anywhere.


When I turn on the burner I don't have any sparks - but I let it sit all night and now it's working. However, I still think there's a problem because the central burner is problematic. When I turn it on it sparks, lights and continues to spark - then shuts all the burners off if there are any others lit at the same time.


That is what happened last night. Then nothing would spark, and there would be no gas to the burners as I tried to light the stove with a match since the spark wasn't working.


OK, this is sounding very much like two issues.

Firstly the non sparking. This is temporarily overcome by using a match, though not ideal. This is probably the spark generator at fault.

However, if this then knocks out the gas, I would also suspect the thermocouple on the main burner. Sounds like this is not detecting the gas is lit, hence the continual sparking and then the gas shutdown.

I think the best course is to get a qualified gas engineer from Smeg to check this out.

If you need more help, please just ask.

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