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I have a Zanussi Fridge Freezer model DF 56/45 /B, product

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I have a Zanussi Fridge Freezer model DF 56/45 /B, product number .925.50.00.64 with a red warning light on, indicating a high freezer temperature. When I put in a big load of new food to freeze it takes a few hours for the red light to go out, but recently it has stayed on for a whole week. Activating "superfreeze" overnight, which usually fixes it, has made no difference - the red warning light is still on. Any ideas?

Drcool :

Hello, do you still notice frost inside the fridge back wall? Do you notice frost accumulating inside the freezer back wall also?


The fridge part seems to be working fine, and the freezer is actually freezing the food OK, it is just the red light tends to indicate that it is not as frozen as it should be (-18C). I am checking the temperature at the moment using an old analogue thermometer and it looks as though we maybe just need to turn the thermostat up a bit. It was up at 4 (of 6). Turning it up to about 4.5 seems to bring the temperature back down quite nicely. I can see something attached to the black radiator thing behind the freezer that looks like it might be a fan, but there is no reference to this in the rather sparse user guide. (It is attached between the black radiator thing (condensor coils?) and the back of the freezer, but there is not much of a gap between it and the back of the freezer. The pattern of dust also seems to indicate it might be a fan that runs occasionally when the heat in the condensor coils gets too high or something - is this likely?

Drcool :

Hello, Yes, there is a fan near the black coil( condenser coil) if it is dusty, might as well give it a good vacuum . That would help make it cooler. The condenser fan( outside the unit should be running when ever the compressor is running so better watch it if it would not run the same time as the compressor. That would be a source of problem.

Drcool :

Observe the analogue thermometer and see if it would reach temperature. If it does, then the alarm could be out of calibration. You can ignore it as long as you have the thermometer inside the freezer that would tell you the actual temperature of the freezer every time you open it.


Thanks - looks like the fan is not running at all for some reason - it is about 21 years old so probably to be expected I guess. The old analogue thermometer is indicating about -20C at the moment but I'm slightly suspicious of it, so I think I will buy a cheap freezer thermometer to confirm. Thanks for your help.

Drcool :

Ok. At least you have established that it looks like it is still cooling efficiently. If it is that old, then I would say the alarm is out of calibration already. Give it a slight bang at the thermostat and see if the red light would come out. Thanks.

Drcool :

The thermostat switch could be sticky by now since it is old and this would sense if the temperature inside the freezer is already cold and it will terminate the red light indicator.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, thanks I will give that a try.


Hello Andrew,

Will be waiting for the result then.

Thank you for using this service.