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Appliance_Guy, Home Appliance Technician
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Smeg SA8210X-1 dishwasher not heating water. Have replaced

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Smeg SA8210X-1 dishwasher not heating water. Have replaced heater, which along with wiring was clearly burnt out. Still not heating am guessing fuse problem somewhere

Appliance_Guy : Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you today. Can I have the model number of this
Appliance_Guy : Dishwaher please

Smeg SA8210X-1

Appliance_Guy : Thanks give me a minute as I have to download the manual for this, I'm in the US so I have to search my files.
Appliance_Guy : Do you have a test meter?

no, but could get hold of one if needed

Appliance_Guy : It would help make the Right diagnosis, we would be guessing if we don't test the control board out put and thermostat.
Appliance_Guy : Or... Not recommended but with the right supervision and keeping a close eye on it you could jumper out the thermostat and test run it for heat.

Where is the thermostat located

Appliance_Guy : Its fastened to the bottom of the tub. It will have 2 wires coming from it and it might be resettable(red button in the middle). My diagram only gives me the components but not the exact locations sorry.

I believe the wiring to the heater has shorted out at some point as the insulation on the wiring was burnt off (now replaced). From what I understand from your diagnosis it will be either the thermostat or control board both which I will check,I thought there would be some fuses between these components that may have blown

Appliance_Guy : Yes the thermostat is a terminator high limit. It is inline with the heater wire. You need to check the wire for a short to ground, check the terminator tstat for continuity and the control board for voltage to the heater.
Appliance_Guy : Doing them. Tests will definitely yield your problem.

Is the thermostat a separate component to the heater assembly, this is a model with an inline concealed heater unit not an exposed element

Appliance_Guy : Yes the element on this unit is in a water chamber correct?
Appliance_Guy : In that case the thermostat is in the door, you will have to remove the door panel
Appliance_Guy : Mid way up slightly to the right, you will find a small thermostat.

The heater element is concealed and wraps around a metal pipe which the water runs through, the assembly looks a bit like a hot dog

Appliance_Guy : Yes. Remove the door panel and look for the t stat there.
Appliance_Guy : Removing the door panel will gain you access to the board(make a visual inspection on the boards solder joints, look for bun marks black and white). Also check wires when it wraps around the tub down to the pump and heater area.

Thanks mate will check these items. Clearly if the thermo has crapped itself it will need replacing and I am assuming if it is the control panel the whole panel will need replacing?

Appliance_Guy : Not the whole panel but the logic/ relay board with in the panel.

Alright that sounds OK thanks for your help

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