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Neff dishwasher isnt draining

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Neff dishwasher isn't draining
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If the pump is clear, it may be faulty.
When you select a new cycle, can you hear the pump running before it fills with water?
Can you also tell me the model number?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob,


Model number is XXXXX


Pump and filters are clear. If I empty the water and then switch on the machine with the door open the pump sounds as if it is running and the machine starts to fill up with water again. Also no lights are coming on when I switch the machine on.





Hi Andy

This is a bit strange.

Please pour a bowl of water into the machine and start a new cycle with the door closed. When it stops pumping and before you hear the water enter, open the door and tell me what happened to the water.
With the door open, I am assuming that nothing else now happens?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob,


I put some water in but what happens is:


1. I switch on power to the machine and press the start button.

2. Before I can close the door there is an intermittent buzzing noise with the odd click and the sound as if water is being pumped.

3. The machine starts filling up with water.



Hi Andy

If the machine is filling up with water and the door is open, this has to be a bad board, sorry. There may also be a problem with the door lock.
Did anything strange happen prior to this?
Can you also tell me the age of it?

Because of the complex electronics on the board, it is not possible to test these at home.
Under these circumstances, and because the boards are so expensive, I would suggest an all in quote for the repair, as all parts are included.
Can you let me have your postcode and ill get you a quote?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob,

I've done a bit more digging. I left the machine running and can definitely hear water being pumped through the drain pipe and out through the waste under the sink but the level of water in the machine stays the same.


We inherited the machine when we moved into the house in November last year so am not sure of the age but it is probably about 5/6 years old.


My postcode is PA12 4AR.


Also meant to say it worked fine up until Monday of this week.




Hi Andy
It seems then as if its draining and filling at the same time, and with the door open !!

The cheapest quote I can get is £125

This includes the call out, all labour, all parts and the vat.

If it is the board, this is the cheapest way to get this repaired.

If its still in good condition cosmetically, then at that age, its worth repairing.

To see the offer, please go here

If I can help further, please just ask.
In the meantime,

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