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Hi there, our Electrolux Front End Loader Machine EWF1282 is

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Hi there, our Electrolux Front End Loader Machine EWF1282 is only 3 years old and has stopped working. It was in a wash cycle and I realised that I needed to reduce the spin speed so took it back to "O" and now it won't work again, I have taken the clothes out and taken the water out manually, have switched it off from the power source and tried again to turn it on after a long while of leaving it off, but it still won't work. Any ideas?
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This may be the door lock

When you start a new cycle, is the display lit normally? Is the door actually locked?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, today's effort with my machine - I have had it switched off from the power source most of the day. have read some people's reviews of this machine and things that have gone wrong with them - one electrician here in Germany suggested pushing the reset button - no such thing on this machine - I have emptied everything out of it and have taken the small amount of water that was in it out manually. I have also pressed the start and delay button together turned the switch to off and then tried turning the cycle button to the right and kept pressing the delay and start together and some people have had luck with this starting the machine, no such luck in my case. I have put the power back on it is still not working - motherboard problem by chance? If it is the case I know what these are like as I had a Fisher and Paykl top loader for 15 years and replaced two motherboards in it - but I am not complaining about that because I got 15 years out of it - this thing is 3 years old!! Help most appreciated.

Hi Amanda


Can you select a new cycle.
Does the display look correct?
Can you see if the door will open or is it locked?
If its locked, please put machine on spin and see what happens
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob,


The display is blank there is nothing showing on the display unit. When it was working yesterday it was all normal, display was on, extra rinse cycle was on, all ok, door was locked and because I realised that the spin cycle was too high for the water pressure here with 3 towels in there, I wanted to reduce that to 800RPM so turned it off on the dial, which I have done before and it normally resets comes back on and I set it to the temp I want and the spin I want and it goes again, I realise that it had just started to fill and had water in it, which I preceeded to take out manually, but still nothing.

Hi Amanda

The first thing to check is the socket itself.
Plug a lamp into that socket to make sure there is power to it.

If there isnt, check the main fuse box to see if a fuse has tripped.

If there is power to it, you will need to take the lid off the machine and start to test some components.

Do you have, and know how to use, a multimeter?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob,


I have checked the power socket and it is working and I have checked the fuse box and nothing has been tripped there either. I don't have a multimeter unfortunately so cannot check that, I am not much help am I? Sorry. I have pulled the machine out from the wall to have a look but can't see anything there, though I am not an electrician so not really sure what I am looking for. Any other ideas? Thank you

Hi Amanda


Well, I think you have checked all the obvious things, so we can rule those out.

Im really not sure that there is anything else you can do at this point, sorry.

Without a meter you are not able to test any of the internal components.

Sorry to say, I think you will need to call someone in.

I see you are in Germany, so I don't know of anyone there, but would suggest you ask friends and neighbours for a recommendation.

If I can help any further, please just ask me.

In the meantime,

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