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Hi, I have a GE PSW23PSSCSS two years old. The fridge temperature

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I have a GE PSW23PSSCSS two years old.
The fridge temperature is 45°.
The freezer temperature is 14°.
At defrost time end, temperature is 86° up and -4° down in the freezer.
PC panel board was replaced.
Fan freezer was replaced.
The compressor is always running.
Panel board is OFF.
I touch once, I see numbers.
I touch again, it's OFF.
Thank you for your help.
Good afternoon, A few things I need to know, first when you had the panel off inside the freezer what did the coil look like ? was there a lot of frost or were some of the coils frosted and others not ? second can you feel the air flowing through the damper assembly after this is done defrosting ? 86 degrees is way high. even after a defrost the refrigerator section should stay the same. you replaced this ? Main Control Board WR49X10152 Main Product Viewthe main control board ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Good afternoon,

Some coils were frosted others not.

Yes I feel the air flowing.

No, I did not change this part.

Thank you.

okay so you replaced the control panel ? Touchpad and Control Panel WR55X10495      Main Product View I see. okay. the thing that concerns me the most is when you say some if the coils were not frosted. I gather the top of the coils were frosted but the bottom wasn't ? this didn't just come out of a defrost when you checked it was it ?
After going over the tech issues these refrigerators had issues with the main control board I showed you above, its located in the back of the refrigerator if you pull it away from the wall. you will see an 8X10 cover, its behind that. these are easy to replace they come with instructions. order and replace the board. heres a link to order it. control board this will take care of the issue, thanks and best wishes, Bryan
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I check what you wrote and I let you know.
Thank you.
your welcome. GE had to redesign the boards. If by chance this doesn't take care of the issue the site I gave you will take that back even if you installed it so its a win win.have a great day and thanks, Bryan