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i just took the bottom off my Beko dwd4310w dishwasher, as

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i just took the bottom off my Beko dwd4310w dishwasher, as I suspect the drain pump is blocked. Now I have no idea what the drain pump looks like. Can you help?
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If you follow the waste hose into the machine, the pump is attached to it

If you need a replacement part, please let me know?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Actually I also noticed the following: there's a plastic receptacle which is filled with water, where the salt goes. Next to that is a further, cylindrical container which looks as though it's full of grease. This is a whole unit, and I'm unsure as to how I can detach it and empty it.

Hi Gina

you are describing the water softener

This is a a single unit split into two.
Half contains the salt the other half is resin. This should be brown in colour and granular, a bit like demarara sugar. If it doesn't look like this something is amiss. Do you regularly top up the salt?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Oh that's ok then, I was well ready to empty it out! As you can tell I know naff all about all this, but must fix my dishwasher and can't afford a call-out. So I'll persevere with the pump thing, not right now though as it's saturday and have had a couple of glasses of wine. So will attempt to remove the pump tomorrow in order to wash said glasses and see how we go! Thanks for now.

Hi Gina

Lol, good luck with it, let me know how it goes.
If you need more help, please just ask me. In the meantime,

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, thanks for checking, am just flummoxed by how to even remove the pump, so not sure what to do. I see where it is, but there's all these clips and pipes to sort . Am an intelligent person but completely impractical!

Hi Gina
Unfortunately, you are right.
When a manufacturer makes an appliance, little thought is put towards how to work on it in the future.
Its all about how to make it in the least possible time.

All the best