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My whirlpool AWZ 514 D washing machine keeps showing a E02

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My whirlpool AWZ 514 D washing machine keeps showing a E02 fault sign. I have checked the filter, & drain pipes & there is no problem. It seems to get 3 minutes into a programme & then refuse to spin resulting in the fault.

Please can u help?
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Tis error is normally associated with a bad board.
Can you tell me what it does when you select a new cycle, also the age of the appliance please?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Machine is roughly 4 years old. When i select a new cycle, the menu screen skips around a bit then settles. I press start & everthing seems normal until about 3 mins into cycle when it stops.


My hunch is that it is something electrical but there is no 'red' warning. Just the E02 warning



Hi Andy


Disconnect the power and remove the lid.
Look closely at the boards and look for signs of burning.
Take off the connectors one at a time and refit them. If there is a bad or loose connection this may cure it.
Check all the wiring at the pump , motor , lock etc.

Retry, let me know what you find

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, i will probably do this on wednesday as i have to work. will let u know then.

Hi Andy
No problem
Post back when you can

Good luck with it

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



took the lid & back off the machine, checked all wires & connections & they were fine, no signs of any burning.

When i started it up it filled up with water as normal, but it didnt spin at all & the same resulting fault came up. The screen was still jumping about when it was turned to the "0" position.


Could it be the motor brushes in the spinning drum mechanism? I know these can wear down with age.

Hi Andy

Its certainly worth checking them, but its unlikely if the drum agitates in the wash cycle correctly.
The fact that the screen jumps about makes me think all the more its a bad board.

Unfortunately its not possible to test these at home due to the complex electronics.

I think the best way forward is to get a fixed price repair for this, as this includes all the parts needed.

Please let me have your postcode and ill get you a quote

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
G42 9px
Hi Andy

OK the cheapest quote is for £125

Please go here..

Under the circumstances I think this is gong to be the cheapest way of getting this repaired

Sorry it wasn't an easy fix for you.

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