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Drcool, Home Appliance Technician
Category: UK Appliance
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Experience:  i am an expert in the Home Appliance category in the US. been in the field for more than 12 years.
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Hello, Is it possible to convert a Conventional Gas Cooker

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Hello, Is it possible to convert a Conventional Gas Cooker to work on Color/Butane Gas ... If it is possible ... Please explain how.
I wish to send a 4 Burner cooker/Oven to our house in the Philippines (which is now being built) ... Ready for when I move and retire there.

Drcool :

Hello, Can you explain what is a color/butane gas please? Is that what you are going to use in the Philippines? Can I have the complete model number of the unit please? What type of fuel is it using now? LPG or Natural gas?


Hope it`s some use


It is a cooker that is used in a caravan or Mobile home


When I am ready to retire (In about 18 months) I wish to convert my cooker and ship it to the Philippines to use in my new house .... In the Philippines .... They only use Gas Bottles over there

Drcool : Hello, thank you for those info. If the unit now is in a mobile home, then it is using propane gas already which means you do not have to convert anything. The bottled gas here in the Philippines are called LPG which is the same as the bottled propane that are used in the UK. All you might have to do is replace the regulator because of a different tank fitting and that would be easy. The regulators are readily available in the Philippines for a little less than 300 pesos. Then it comes with a hose and all you have to do is install the hose after you remove your old hose from your unit. It is just clamped to the unit inlet pipe

Thank You for the Information BUT I am in the UK at the moment using British Gas from the mains and will have to convert my cooker to be able to run on LPG ... Can you tell me what converter kit I need to buy and what I need to do .... to complete the convention


At the moment I am living in a Condo in London

Drcool : Oh. Ok... I thought the unit is in a mobile home and it uses butane tanks. If the unit is using British gas for now, then you would need to replace the orifice of each burner in order to be use on LPG. You would need the replacement orifices from the manufacturer or appliance parts retailers . Tell them your unit and model number and they should be able to give you the replacement orifices. Then the regulator needs to be replace as well but that could be bought in the Philippines already. All you have to do is order the set of orifices for all the burners.
Drcool : Usually, I have to use 8mm socket wrenches and unscrew the orifice.
Drcool : the orifice is located at the center of the burner. You may have to remove the cover on each burner in order to see the orifice.
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