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I have an LG GWL227YBQA american style fridge freezer The

Resolved Question:

I have an LG GWL227YBQA american style fridge freezer
The freezer is not cooling much below 0 degrees. The compressor runs ok, the fan near the compressor runs and the freezer fan runs.
After removing the back from within the freezer compartment, there was a large block of "frosty" ice around the refrigerant pipe that enters the top of the coils, but no ice over the rest of the coils. Could this be a defrost heater of defrost sensor problem, or is it more likely to be a refrigerant leak or blockage?

Thanks in advance
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  Drcool replied 4 years ago.

Drcool :

Hello, If the refrigerant pipe is not fully frosted up to the bottom pipe, this is a symptom of a refrigerant leak. But in some cases, if there is a damaged door gasket, fresh air could seep inside the freezer and frost would accumulate faster than it should.

Drcool :

I would suggest, defrost the whole freezer first, check the door seal all around, specially the bottom part which is hard to see, then plug it back and observe. If , after 24 hours and the door seal is fine, and still the refrigerant pipe is not fully frosted up to the bottom pipe, then I would say, you have a refrigerant gas problem.

Drcool :

If this is your case, I am sorry but this is not a DIY. You would need a professional to do the repair and you should get quotes first because this could be an expensive repair. It may be worth just replacing the unit.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Since my original question, I have managed to borrow a meter from a friend. I have removed the defrost heater and sensor from the freezer. There is a resistance showing on the heater (as you would expect). There is infinite resistance shown on the sensor when it is warm, i.e. open circuit and there is a low resistance, so it would appear to be working.

The heater and sensor have been removed for approx 2 hours now and the freezer is down to approx 0 degrees. Frost has formed on the pipe leading to the top of the coil, and is starting to form on the top of the coal and fins in the top corner of the coiul where the refrigerant pipe enters.

As you suggest, I will leave overnight (with the heater still removed) and see if more frost has formed. If it hasn't - would you suspect a refrigerant leak?

Also - I have checked the door seals and these all appear to be OK.

Expert:  Drcool replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for those info.

Yes, you can leave this overnight with out the defrost heater but I suggest you leave it with the cover on so that the air would flow from the bottom of the cover to the evaporator coil and out to the vents.

If the cover has been removed and you let the unit run, the frost would accumulate faster on the top portion as well because the coldness is not dissipated by the fan.

If still, after 24 hours with the cover back on, the evaporator coil is not fully covered with a thin layer of frost, then I would say, you have a refrigerant leak.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I did replace all the covers to ensure correct airflow.
After leaving overnight, there was a large block of ice on the pipe where it enters the coil, but no frosting at all on the coil itself.
Looks like I need an engineer. Is it possible to top the refrigerant, and how do you know it won't leak again?
Expert:  Drcool replied 4 years ago.

It is possible to top off the refrigerant but it will not guarantee that it will not leak again.

You would need to have the engineer find the leak, repair it, then charge it with complete and right type of refrigerant. Then that would guarantee that it would be a good fix until you have a leak again on some other parts where corrosion could break a seal.

If that happens, then I would say, its time to replace the unit.

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