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Hi, I have a 1yr old Electrolux Inspire ENB35405W fridge freezer.

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I have a 1yr old Electrolux Inspire ENB35405W fridge freezer. Overnight the temperature of the fridge shot up to 15 and I'm pretty sure has stopped working.
The freezer is fine but I have noticed some ice build up in there which I am led to believe shouldn't happen. What do you think I should do? Oh... might be worth mentioning having moved it this morning to get to the plug, I noticed it has been leaking onto a patch underneath. I think this has been happening for some time judging by the state of the floorboards.
Many thanks in advance

Drcool :

Hello, The first thing to do would be a manual defrost. Do you have an extra unit where you can transfer the food while you defrost the unit?


I've emptied the fridge and freezer and it's been defrosting for 4 hours in a warm room. All the drips have stopped and I've mopped up about 1 ltr of water. It seems defrosted to me, should I turn it back on?

Drcool :

If you are confident enough that all the ice has melted inside the freezer, then i would say, yes, plug it back and make sure both doors are always shut close. This would eliminate the door ajar cause why there are frost inside the freezer.

Drcool :

Then observe if temperatures will be reached, unit will function normally and the fridge will cool down, and there would be no ice build up inside the freezer area.


ok, its all on. I'm going out for a bit I'll see what it's like in a couple of hours

Drcool :

ok. Just post back what you find out and even though I am off line, I will answer it as soon as I log back in.


ok, thanks

Drcool :

You are welcome..

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, The same thing has happened again. The fridge has gone up to 14 degrees and the freezer has frozen up. Any ideas why the freezer is freezing up? Could something be blocked? The fridge and freezer have functioned perfectly between the last defrost 12 days ago and today when the fridge warmed up and I noticed the freezer was iced up. The ice build up in the freezer looks like its running down the back from the top somewhere and into the base.

Many thanks in advance



If the problem occurs after 12 days, then you might have a defrost issue.

Either one of the three defrosting part is not functioning. Here is an article on how defrost works. Please click the blue word.

You would need to have a resistance meter to measure the resistance of the defrost heater and the defrost terminating thermostat.

To check the defrost terminating thermostat, it should be while the evaporator coil is fully frosted and not thawed up. It should be very cold to see if it is closed contact.