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Drcool, Home Appliance Technician
Category: UK Appliance
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Experience:  i am an expert in the Home Appliance category in the US. been in the field for more than 12 years.
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I have an FFA 80 fridge freezer, approx 8 years old. For the

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I have an FFA 80 fridge freezer, approx 8 years old.
For the past year or so The drain hole continues to block up with ICE.
I can clear it with hot water and a rubber tube connected to a syringe but it goes back to freezing up within a couple of days.
Any ideas r is it worh just accepting fridge needs replacing?

Drcool :

Hello, The drain hole would freeze if ever the unit is set to a cooler setting. Have you notice if the compressor, the black steel ball at the back is stopping once in a while? Then would come back on after a few minutes? This means the thermostat is cutting on and off the compressor.

Drcool :

If it is not stopping anytime, then the drain hole would freeze rapidly and you could have a bad thermostat. The one that you turn with a coin to adjust. You can try setting it to the least colder position and observe if the drain hole would still be blocked with ice, and observe also if the compressor would stop every once in a while.

Drcool :

If still, the compressor would not stop, then you have a bad thermostat.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The compressor is starting and stopping normally and there is no evidence of overcooling. I have been told by others that the problem is most likely to be a breakdown in insulation which is cqusing the temperature in the drain tube to reach zero and therefore freeze condensing water as it fall down the tube.

For the price of fitting and replacement thermostat which may or may not work( judging by the advice I had concerning insulation I suspect it will not work) I have a healthy deposit on a new machine.

We have decided to replace the machine for a new model.

Regards Ray

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The costs associated with replacing the thermostat do not justify retaining the old machine which may have further future problems.

We have therefore decided to replace the whole machine because of its age and the freezing up problem which may not be solved by changining the thermostat


If you think replacing the thermostat would not solve your problem, then let it be. That is your decision. Anyway, as you have said, you already have a budget for a new one.

With the age of the unit, I would say the insulation problem could be a cause. Water seeps with the insulation and would get it wet, once wet, the freezing temperature would now travel and would reach the hole where water would freeze.

Anyway, thank you for using this service.


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