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The Famous Forry
The Famous Forry, Home Appliance Technician
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I have a Bosch dishwasher SGS45C02GB. It starts ok, drains

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I have a Bosch dishwasher SGS45C02GB. It starts ok, drains for about 5 secs, fills for the usual 25 secs and then runs for about 2 mins then stops and the relay in the door clicks every 2 secs as the display flashes; it sounds like it tries to run momentarily sometimes. If I leave it 10 mins, it will try and continue the cycle before it stops, clicks and flashes again. I've reset, tried all cycles and the problem remains the same. Any idea?

The Famous Forry :

Hi to you from David .

The Famous Forry :

Please check Anti Flood Device. It is a small micro switch, that is activated if the base gets water in it. The switch has a small piece of foam attached to it that rises in water and activates the anti -flood device. Start by removing side panel/s. Unplug from ELECTRICAL SUPPLY before attempting any repair.

Customer: I couldn't identify the micro switch from either side. So I lay the dishwasher on its back for 15 seconds. . . It appears to work perfectly
The Famous Forry : It's works because you drained the water from the anti flood device. I disagree with the BAD SERVICE you decided to leave.?....



I appreciate your response, however if it is this simple I am unclear as why you did not advise that I laid the dishwasher back in the first place. regards

The Famous Forry : It is not that simple. You have a leak and this will keep happening untill you burn the motor out.!!

Thanks for replying. I am unclear where the leak would be. The dishwasher has worked solidly since I tipped it over. Is it possible that the antiflood device had slowly been fillin g

The Famous Forry : Yes that's exact
The Famous Forry : ly w
The Famous Forry : forget the last 2 messages.

Firstly I realise that my response was determined based on the content of the advice rather than the service which is Ok; I will amend accordingly. With respect to the antiflood device. It has been my experience in the past that they can fill over time and when drained will continue to work effectively.

The Famous Forry : that is what is happening. You have a slow leak that activates the anti flood device periodically.
The Famous Forry : yes it will work perfectly once drained
The Famous Forry : The next step is to find the leak. Often it can just be readjusting the door seal at the bottom left and right to stop small amounts of water reaching the chassis base. Try this first.

Hi . . sorry about this. Each time I hit return it sends. However; having taken the sides off I realise that when the relay was clicking and what I thought, trying to run, was it actually trying to fill; and at that point the bottom tray was no way near the water level that it usually runs at. Since its been drained it fills completely like it used to. I will check the door seals which I had noticed were perishing at the bottom. regards Mike

The Famous Forry and other UK Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Thank You Mike for changing your rating and good luck with your repair. I am sure you will be ok with it now regards David.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I take it the door seals are relatively easy to replace. . . and for the record where exactly is the microswich, in the event that this is what is causing the problem . . I couldn't see it from either side regards Mike

The seals are not to difficult to replace and can often be re-shaped at the corners using a hair dryer. The switch is near dead centre of base just above, the usually circular piece of polystyrene float.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi again

I've had the sides and and bottom off. not a trace of water underneath, but there was some grease running down the antiflood device, so I've ordered a new top end as I think the rubber seal at the top has been leaking. It is apparent that the problem is that the machine 'thinks' it has more water in it than there actually is. Even tho. the water level inside the machine may be low (or sometimes not), it will click and sometime fill a fraction and turn off . . . if it gets left it may just start up after 20 minutes and complete the cycle . . . I'm guessing you will have an idea what may be causing this?