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The Famous Forry
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The water does not drain completely

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The water does not drain completely from the machine. Is that a function of the machine or of the plumbing? We have Jackson JP-24 Series (might not be 24B).

Hello? Anybody there?

The Famous Forry : Hi to you from David



Any ideas?

The Famous Forry : The water should drain out that you can not see any when you open door. There is always a little water left in at the end of cycle but it should not be noticeable to you
The Famous Forry : Perhaps the pump is jammed up a little, with maybe a bit of broken glass or crockery. It may be worth opening and checking that there are no foreign bodies in there!
The Famous Forry : It could also be the way it is plumbed in as you suggest. Does it drain to a pipe under the sink or does it have its own drain pipe?

I believe it drains into a pipe under the sink rather than into its own drain. The person having trouble with it lifts up the grate and sees about an inch of water there. She worries that it is not draining properly. We will try to feel for something stuck in there, but will have to do so carefully so as not to get cut if it is glass or crockery. We are a church, so there are many people using the appliance.


Could there be something in the machine that needs replacing?

The Famous Forry : One moment please
The Famous Forry : Sometimes when you have it plumbed under the sink rather than into its own drain, water sent down the sink plug hole finds its way into the dishwasher. This could be your problem, but a little water left should not cause you to much problem as the machine always goes into drain mode before commencing the next programme.
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The Famous Forry : Just Answer. Bonuses very much appreciated. Thank you.

OK, thank you. That's helpful. The plumber did not find a problem and the technician did not notice an obstruction inside the machine. But you've given us another avenue to consider.

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