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I want to change the light bulb in my Siemens oven, HB 530.50

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I want to change the light bulb in my Siemens oven, HB 530.50 C. The manual says the cover unscrews, but mine seems blocked both left and right. I am afraid to force it to the left, but is that what I must do?
It is not odd for these covers to seize up as cooking vapors and grease get in the threads over time and harden up which makes unscrewing it all but impossible. If you cannot get it off then simply break it apart and buy a new cover or do without the light altogether if you do not want to do that. There is no magical way to remove a seized glass cover here.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. But the cover has not seized up. It moves, back and forth, but rather than unscrewing, it comes up against some sort of barrier that prevents it from turning further, something like the devices used on medicine bottles to keep kids from opening them. The oven is fairly new (3 or 4 years) so I suspect there is some sort of mechanical gizmo that keeps it from turning, not just a lot of old grease. Well, try again.

You need to work it free- there is no mechanism at work here. Try pulling and twisting.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I finally got it unscrewed by using a bit of WD-40 (not sure it was needed) and using a screwdriver against one of the nubs on the cover, tapping it gently with a rubber mallet. Thankfully it did not break, and we are back in business again. But you were right, it had seized.

Make it a point to unscrew it and clean it every few months to avoid the same issue. thanks