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Drcool, Home Appliance Technician
Category: UK Appliance
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Hello, I have a hotpoint RFA52 ice diamond fridge freezer.

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Hello, I have a hotpoint RFA52 ice diamond fridge freezer. The freezer is working ok but the fridge is not. I want to check if there is an damper closed between the freezer compartment and the fridge compartment but I am unable to locate any screwws or access points in the fridge or freezer compartments! Being a A/C engineer this is now becoming a matter of pride and stop the strange looks im getting form the missus!!
i have defrosted and turned back on but im not confident that this will cure the problem. Many thanks

Drcool : Hello, your unit is a combination type. A frostless freezer but a frost type fridge so there would be no damper between the freezer and the fridge. This would explain why there is nothing to remove in the fridge section. No screws or back panel. Not even an air vent. The fridge normally frost up or would have water droplets when ever it is functioning normally. Now if the fridge inside back wall is just dry and not frosting up, then I would say you lack refrigerant. The fridge , being the last part of the cooling coil, starting from the freezer would be the first part that would be affected when ever there is a lack of refrigerant situation. You, being an A/C engineer would understand that. You would probably notice also that the compressor is no longer cutting off but rather, it just runs continuously.
Drcool : at least, being an A/C engineer, you could probably be able to buy refrigerant and charge your refrigerator. You should also try to find the leak first in order to repair it, before charging with the right amount of refrigerant. I am sure you already know the SOP in charging a refrigerated system.

thanks for your reply, the fridge is working when first turned on the back is frosting up, the compressor running, condense coil hot.but later the fridge is not cooling again. this is looking like a lack of refrigerant but to get to the evap pipework is not going to be easy in the fridge compartment so how do i acces that?


Drcool : Hi, you can not access the evaporator coil at he back of the fridge. It has been sealed with PU insulation. Look for the leak in the condenser coil and hope it is there and not on the evaporator coil or else, you can not repair it but just keep on adding refrigerant every time it would no longer cool. but that is not a good idea.
Drcool : When the fridge stops cooling, is the compressor still running or not?

Ok thank you for your help. will check for leaks on the evap coil in the freezer . You have been very h


Drcool : You are very much welcome. But if the compressor is stopping that is why the fridges no longer cooling, then you could have a problem with the thermostat and not lack of refrigerant .
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