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I Have a hoover optima wmh 148df keeps coming up with E03 error

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I Have a hoover optima wmh 148df keeps coming up with E03 error code 5 mins into the 1400 spin cycle . I have checked that the error code relates to water not draining away quick enough . I have checked the area where the waste pipe goes into the waste trap and all clear . Have also unconnected the pipe from waste and stood by the sink . Same thing happens. Are there any other filters that may be blocked ? or any ideas ? thanks Nick


When the error code comes up, has the machine fully drained or not?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No it hasnt fully drained , turned off waited the respun it eptied a little more water the E03 comes up after 5mins into a 10 min spin cycle


OK, you need to fully empty the water out.

Then, put it on spin only.

Does it complete?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
sorry for the delay , have been out coahing kids football. Have emptied the machine and run spin cycle . the machine actually spun this time and went all the way to the end Laughing


OK, the next check is to disconnect the drain hose where it connects to the house drains.

Check both for blockages/build up of scale.

Take out the filter in the machine, check that for debris and scale.


If all ok, put the filter back in, aim the hose into a bucket.

Put the machine on rinse.

Once it's got some water in, cancel and put the machine to spin only.


Holding the hose 3/4 the height of the machine and aimed into a bucket, does it pump the water out with good pressure and force?


Does it empty quickly?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Have checked the drain hose where it goes into the house drains and checked passed that , there is no blockage . Is there a filter in the machine ??


Yes, you should have been cleaning it out regularly since you bought the machine.


Bottom front, on the left, there's a panel that opens.

You'll find a draining tube and a filter cap there.





Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Unfortunateley the machine didnt come with a booklet , have got the filter out and absoluteley chocker with limescale and soap residues etc . have cleaned and put on a rinse cycle , fingers crossed . well no need i'm sure that will do it . Lets see


Click here for the user manual


It may be of some help.


Hope this helped


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