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ed michaels
ed michaels, Appliance Tech
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Electrolux/Zanussi Z8F6120 Dishwasher PNC XXXXXXXXX 02 Showing

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Electrolux/Zanussi Z8F6120 Dishwasher PNC XXXXXXXXX 02

Showing fault code Indiccator light flashing and End Cycle light flashing 3 times. Indicates "Protection against flooding is active" there is no sign of flooding - how do I cancel the fault ?????

Barry Mathews

ed michaels :

hi type A before first PNC# XXXXX is reading it as phone number and xing it out. ed

ed michaels :

Hi Barry, The first suspect is the float switch.The float switch is a small electrical switch that's located right below the dishwasher "floor." Above the switch, on the inside of the dishwasher, is a plastic cylinder that floats up as water fills the dishwasher. Check and see that it moves up and down easily. If it was stuck, problem is solved. next step is more of a DIY decision, requiring a multitester and a few simple tools. If this switch is defective, or if the plastic float gets caught or trapped in the raised
position, the water can't enter the dishwasher. You need a multimeter to check to see if the float switch is defective. It is accessed through toe plate at bottom of machine. The second suspect is the inlet water valve The water-inlet valve lets water enter the machine. If this valve is defective, you need to completely replace it. It's usually located behind the lower access panel on the left or right side. It's the device with the main water line (usually copper or flexible stainless steel) from the house, a rubber tube to the dishwasher, and two wires attached to it.

If this is a good idea for you, let me know. otherwise if still under warranty, call zanussi for service. if not, click onrepaircare for a fixed parts and labor estimate, or this link Click here to find a local engineer for local service with parts extra. Does this make sense? ed

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