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Category: UK Appliance
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what does fault code e16 mean on a hoover dynamic 8164d pl

Resolved Question:

what does fault code e16 mean on a hoover dynamic 8164d please
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  DaddyG replied 5 years ago.

E16 means that the element is shorted or that there is a short in the circuit to the element.

The heating element is accessed removing the panel at the back of the washer. If elements contacts are rusty, that can be the reason for the error. The element must be in tested reading impedance across its terminals and reading impedance across contacts to heating circuit at the electronic control module. A good Candy/Hoover element will read about 28 Ohms. Testing for a short will return the same value at the element and at the control board contacts. The test must be done with no water inside the machine, when water temperature reacher the hot temperature the circuit reads open. A similar test can be performed between elements contacts and chassis. There must be infinity of Ohms between element contact and chassis. If this initial test does not reveal any problem, an Insulation Resistance Test is needed. The insulation resistance test is done using an expensive tool that it is ordinarily included in the equipment of UK appliance technicians (PAT tester, here an example). The tool will send a 500VDC signal across the heater's circuit to check if there is any electricity leakage through the wiring insulation. Power must be disconnected before performing maintenance. For safety reasons testing and repair must be done by a qualified technician.
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