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my fridge is not cold and making noises

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my fridge is not cold and making noises
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Below are the four common reasons for your problem.
Most likely this is a defrost heater problem.
Unfortunately, this time it sounds like it is not a home handy person fix.You will need a hands on tech on location with gauges to check the freon level first and rule this out before proceeding.

Faulty Defrost Heater
The defrost heater is located on the evaporator coil (located in the freezer compartment) and is designed to melt the frost from the coils. If there is power getting to the heater and it will not get hot, the defrost heater is most likely faulty. It should have a resistance of 20-50 ohms in most cases.

Some models use a mechanical timer while others use an adaptive control which is a computer board. Regardless which device is used, the purpose is the same. The defrost control is used to send power to the defrost heaters at the proper time. If power is not reaching the the defrost heater circuity, it is most likely the fault of the defrost timer/control mechanism.
Faulty Defrost Timer / Control
When the defrost timer is in the defrost cycle, the compressor and fans will cease to operate. If the timer fails to advance from the defrost cycle, the machine will not operate. Mechanical style timers can be manually advance both into and out of the defrost cycle

Faulty Defrost Thermostat

The defrost thermostat is designed to turn the power off to the defrost heater once the coils are clear of frost. It is a temperature actuated switch and once the coils are clear, the thermostat will open and the heater will be turned off. If the thermostat does not reset once it gets below freezing, it is most likely defective.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i dont understand i'm afraid, so what can i do? My fridge compartment is warm so which of the above is it likely to be?
First the freon level must be checked to see that the sealed system is under correct pressure and there is no freon leak. This is the first test to why your unit is not cold.
This requires a tech and his gauges to hook up to the system.
If the pressure is low the system will require a fill of freon.

If it is okay then then most likely the defrost heater is failing and the system is freezing up. This may be why you are seeing frost in freezer.

Only a certified tech can buy,use,or add freon.
That's why I said, that unfortunately, this time it is not a home handy person fix. And you may need a hands on tech for this situation.
Unlike most of our clients that have other problems.

Sorry, every problem is not a do it your self-er.
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