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The Famous Forry
The Famous Forry, Home Appliance Technician
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My Miele fridge/freezer collects water constantly on the ledge

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My Miele fridge/freezer collects water constantly on the ledge near the little hole at the back of one of the shelves. This then turns to ice and blocks the hole if I don't get rid of it in time.

Also, the door is slightly 'lazy' at closing, and if not properly shut by hand all the way will stay open.

The Famous Forry :

Hi there from David, 'The Famous Forry'

The Famous Forry :

The trouble here is the ledge where the small drain off hole is. The hole is blocked and not allowing the defrosted water to drain away and so it builds up in your fridge compartment. The remedy is to clear this draihn hole. thus allowing the water to drain all the way down to the base of your appliance


How do I clear the hole and keep it clear? I have tried with a small brush lots of times, but it only goes so far back and it doesn't seem to be blocked for the length of the brush

The Famous Forry :

The water goes down a thin capillary tube to the top of the compressor, (motor) and is caught in the plastic recepticle mounted on top of the motor, and is evaporated away. To clean it you may need to get to the back of your fridge, but you can try clearing the small drain off hole from the ledge inside with the small plunger stuck in the drain off hole. If it is still there

The Famous Forry :

Failing that a thin piece of long wire, and a jug of boiling water usually does the trick. Keep clearing untill you see your boiling water come out of the drain tube at the motor end,

The Famous Forry :

Clearing this tube that runs from the fridge and all the way down the back to the compressor will cure your problem. Opened out wire coat hanger maybe! and hot water.

The Famous Forry :

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