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e3 error. ihave changed both sensors and checked continuity

Resolved Question:

e3 error. ihave changed both sensors and checked continuity of element but still encountering the same problem ( sensors purchased via e bay)
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  NeilWill replied 5 years ago.
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new parts from e-bay rather than an applinace parts house??? I would not do that. They may be used or what ever.

What is the make and complete model number of your appliance, with the error E3???
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
baumatic bdw13
Expert:  NeilWill replied 5 years ago.
There is a small circular temperature sensor that screws up into the underside of the tub. Check this to see if it is open circuit (you'll need a multimeter to able to check this).
If it is, replace it and you should have heat again.

Turn off the power to the applaince first!

May also be a bad thermostat.
You will need a small adjustable, a torch and a multimeter. First, test the element. to get at the element pop off the two black covers at the front base of the dishwasher. In the front right hand corner you'll see/feel the connection for the element (should be 2 white wires). Check the resistance across the terminals. If you get anything other than a small resistance then it's faulty.

If that checks out ok you need to test the thermostats. They are a bit awkward to get at. They are located a few inches from the back on either side. If you look through the right hand side (where the element connection was) towards the back you'll see one of the thermostats. They are screwed into base of the washer from below. Mine where hand tight, you might need the adjustable. The locking nut is about 15mm I think. The left hand one is a lot more awkward to get at and you won't be able to see it from the front. so take out the one on the right first. Have a good look at it, good feel etc. then put your hand through the left side (you'll have to wiggle through/around the wires) and feel for the second one.

Once you have them both out, test them with the multimeter. If you get an open circuit it's faulty.

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