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my AEG 80820 Favorit dishwasher is leaving a lot of muck on

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my AEG 80820 Favorit dishwasher is leaving a lot of muck on the dishes, top deck especially. I have topped up the salt and cleaned the filter. The top spinner is not blocked.
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In the UK and Europe the dishwashers are mostly only connected to the cold water.
And must utilize the dishwashers heating element to get the water hot enough to clean the dishes properly.
If the heating element fails so the dishes do not properly clean.

You can try a dishwasher cleaner first.
Like Glisten or finish dishwasher cleaner. OR, a cup of vinegar in the dishwasher run on the hottest and strongest cycle with no dishes in it. If the machine works better in the washes after wards, then you may not have a need to do the next step which is testing your heating element.
It is possible your heating element is not working or not heating the water hot enough.
It needs to be tested with an ohm meter to see that it is working properly and able to heat the water hot enough.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
can you tell me what sort of resistance readings I should expect from a functioning heating element?
I'm not sure of the resistance on your exact model.

But before you go to the testing part try the vinegar. It is usually this that remedies the problem. Try the cup of vinegar first. If you never cleaned the machine like this before it is most likley mineral deposit build up cutting down the spray pressure.
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