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I have had a Hotpoint Future RF175B freezer for 18 months

Resolved Question:

I have had a Hotpoint 'Future RF175B' freezer for 18 months but unfortunately the 'stick' around the door frame does not lock in place when you close the door. As a result, it keeps freezing then thawing then freezing, making the drawers ice over, which makes it even harder to close the door. We have tried defrosting the freezer numerous times but it doesn't solve the problem.

Please can yoy let me know what to suggest, and whether it's in warranty to change it, given the door doesn't close properly?

Many thanks,
Miss Lloyd
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  NeilWill replied 6 years ago.
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You need to call Hotpoint and tell them you have been having this problem from the beginning. and you have tried cleaning and defrosting to no avail. If it started from the beginning they should send some one to replace the door seal for you!
If they refuse you then do not hang up! Ask for a supervisor and plead your case again. And her supervisor too! They will not hang up on you. They have to wait until you do the hanging up!
Eventually you can find the person in consumer affairs that is in charge of customer retention. They spend hundreds of millions in advertising to get you to purchase. There are people there also to keep you as a customer. It's easier to keep a customer than find new ones in todays market and they are aware of this.

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