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NeilWill, Home Appliance Technician
Category: UK Appliance
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Experience:  Repaired appliances over seas in europe and Middle east .
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e62 code on zanussi zwg1120m washing machine Its banging and

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e62 code on zanussi zwg1120m washing machine? Its banging and moving all over the place

NeilWill :

Hello, Thank you for using JustAnswer! If you have any questions after reading my answer,be sure to let me know.

NeilWill :

E62 indicates a fault on the motor circuit of the appliance.


The service manual suggests that the cause is a triac failure on the main control board.

I would suggest unplugging the appliance, taking the rear cover off and checking the wiring to the motor.

Give the wires a good tug and ensure the plug in the motor is fully inserted.


If this is all ok, I'm sorry, but, unless your machine is still under warranty you are most likely looking at having to replace the main control board and possibly the motor too.


This appears to be a relatively new model.

If it's over the year old, I'd be tempted to check with Consumer direct or the Citizens advice to see what my rights are under the Sale of Goods Act.

I can't advise on this though, you would need to take their advise.


Sorry it's not good news.

NeilWill :

Are you there ?

NeilWill :

Are you there?

NeilWill :

If you make any attempt to repair it your self without warranty service. This may void your warranty. You do not have a choice, but to call service.

NeilWill :

They will fix it free anyway.


Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX work my boyfriend is at home,im just calling him now to pass on your advice.


only have the machine 2 months but I dont think he validated the warranty:(

NeilWill :

please click the accpet button ! makes no differance the warranty stands.

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