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The Famous Forry
The Famous Forry, Home Appliance Technician
Category: UK Appliance
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hoover oph714d. I have an error code e16. I have just moved

Customer Question

hoover oph714d. I have an error code e16. I have just moved to australia and shipped the washer. it was 12months old when it went into storage in the UK and was working fine. I conected the machine yesterday and ran it with 2 towels on a rapid wash to check everthing was fine, with no problems. Today I have attempted a full cycle and the error showed up. it displayed e03 and then e16 but is now showing only e16. I have done some research on the forums and it appears that there could be 1 of 2 problems. 1) the pump is blocked, this I have checked and its OK. 2) the o/c heater is buggered. OR 3) its the PCB this would not surprise me as the machine was only a few months old and had the PCB changed because it was jumping from cycle to cycle. NEXT QUESTION: this machine came with a 5y parts warrenty, because I am in Oz where do I get the parts as I think this is a UK machine only. Or will hoover ship them to me, or is there any hoover engineers in OZ. Please advise on the the error code and the parts issue.   Now E03 is appearing again
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  The Famous Forry replied 6 years ago.


Hi to you in Oz and congratulations on your move. Firstly I can ship you any spare you may ever need so keep my number 07813 047 557 David. (Forry) I live in Birmingham, England. I would look at your pressure switch and make sure no water went up the capillary tube during transit . I can explain further if your not sure where this is. It may be worth removing the PCB plugs, wiping contact area and replacing. It is amazing how many times this corrects a fault on these type of machines. Be extremely carefull to put them back exactly though. Good luck in Australia and come back anytime for more info regards David.