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I have a Zanussi Tumble Dryer ZDE 47100W only 4 months old.

Customer Question

I have a Zanussi Tumble Dryer ZDE 47100W only 4 months old. I cannotget it to work on all the programmes, some work and some dont. For exampe the Synthetics works but cotton option does not. In any event even those that do work, do not provide any heat. I have emptied the filter and ensured the vent outside is clear. The user manual is useless as its states that the heat exchanger may need cleaning but does not show how this can be accessed. Can you help please.

thanks Zam
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  Daniel replied 6 years ago.



Ok lets see if theres an error code stored in there.


To do this you need to turn the dial to off position

Then press and hold the start button and the button to the left of it

With them pressed in turn the knob 1 click clockwise

Keep the 2 buttons pressed in till the lights start to flash then let go.

Now turn the dial 9 more clicks clockwise but dont pause in the 7th position though


Now the start light will be flashing count the number of red flashes and then the green and let me know.


Then turn the dryer off.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok I have tried this but how may times the START button flashes is not so straight forward. Its gone nuts. I reckon 6 flashes of red with a bot of an orange one in there also followed by 2 green, but where do you start counting and when does it finish. its very quick
Expert:  Daniel replied 6 years ago.



Ok that error code is E62 which means either the heater element or the control board or wiring is at fault here.


The first thing to check here is the heater at the back. Take off the bulged cover there and from there you will see the heater unit. Take it off and you will need a multimter to meter it out and the thermostats which are at the back of the heater.


If the heater checks out ok and the wiring is fine then the control board is likely to be the problem here.


But as the dryer is only 4 months old then it will still be under warrenty with zanussi. So you might be best getting them to fix it for you as taking the panles off will invalidate the warrenty.


But if you want to fix yourself then just do the above.


If you need anymore info just get back to me.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok I thought it may be a simple tip that would make it work straight away as I did not expect a fault so early on. I am sure you are right, but I would have got Zanussi in anyway unless it was something simple which you could have helped with . thanks anyway.
Expert:  Daniel replied 6 years ago.



No sorry this machines dont have any reset buttons or anything like it.


From the error code we got it suggest a fault on either the heater or the board im afriad.