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I have an Indesit DI450, i can turn the unit on (button on

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I have an Indesit DI450, i can turn the unit on (button on far right) and it lights up, but I cannot select a program - basically I press the 'P' button and get no lights ??



Ok so holding down the P button is this resetting the machine?

Are you getting any other flashing ligths?

Is it full of water?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

In holding down P it does not reset the machine, tried holding it down and pressing several times in succession !


No flashing lights with the 5 lamps on the Program side at all........only light is that of the power button.


When i turn the unit off from the power button, when putting it back on I get a single beep immediately as i press it down....


The unit is dry - i have a feeling it was caught on the drainage cycle, although the detergent had not released either



Ok try this.


Turn machine off. Then press and hold the P button and at the same time turn machine on. Keep the P button pressed in till the ligths start to flash tehn release them.


Now turn the machine off and try it again and see what happens then.



Customer: replied 6 years ago. lights on the right hand side ! Power light comes on, but no program lights - tried several times, holding P for up to 20 seconds.......



Ok if the board isnt resetting then it looks like a faulty control board. As holding the P button should reset the board. If it wont reset all it can be is a faulty control board.


What you can try is take off the front control panel and take out the control board. From there unplug the wire blocks 1 at a time and refit them and see if this cures the problem.

If not then it looks like a faulty board.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The removal of the circuit board worked, although for your information I did not remove any of the connections as there was what appeared as a reset button on the bottom of the board (Small black button). So i pressed this and tested the machine - hey presto..