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Ultima dryer TDC60P not heating, replaced capacitors/thermostats,

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Ultima dryer TDC60P not heating, replaced capacitors/thermostats, still not heating
Hi There

As I don't know what it is you have already tested let's start by checking the heater.
As you have already changed the thermostat you should know where the heater is.
While isolated from the supply disconnect the two terminal wires from the heater and check to see if the heater has gone open circuit with your multimeter.

Let me know and then come back to me.

regards Tony
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The heater is hard wired so I am not certain. There are three contacts in total, there is a circuit on the lower element, but not with the top connection. Would a photo help?


Your heater unit has a wiring loom with connector blocks.
You can see a picture of one HERE

It's duel element so you need to check both sides. One connector is common to both.
Disconnect the heater element at the connectors and do a resistance check.

regards Tony
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That appears to be it, one has a circuit, but I am not able to establish a second circuit. Can you let me have the oart number or do you recommend the Buy spares site?
Hi There

No problem the part number is #1701768.
Why not google the part number and see who has it the cheapest.
Buyspares will ship free of charge but you may get other deals elsewhere.

Hope that helps.

regards Tony
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