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Hi, I have a Diplomat Dishwasher HJA8640. It fills with water

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I have a Diplomat Dishwasher HJA8640. It fills with water then when the pump/motor should kick in it just whirs and doesnt do anything. Had the front panel off and it smells like a motor might be burning out. It has made a few strange noises at the last 2 washes, but thought nothing off it. Ive drained the water out and tried again but it does teh same thing.

I have tried to reset it but think its giving me error code H5 and H6 if that means anything?
Any help or tips appreciated.



So when you set machine going it fill up ok.

Then when it should be washing is it just makeing a wurring noise?

Is it throwing the water inside?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, the water is filling the lower area up, then when it should start the washing cycle it just whirs as if the motor/pump is stuck.
Neither of the two arms are rotating so no water is being sprayed about.



Ok sounds like a motor problem.


What you can try first is just replace the capaictor as sometime they fail causeing it not to wash. The capacitor is bolted onto the wash motor as these are only a few pounds.


If that doesnt work then the motor will need to be replaced. I have replaced many of these motors on bekos. They are the same machines just different names on the front


If you need anymore info just get back to me.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX it worth messing with the capacitor when there is a smell like a burning motor pervading the room? Im all for a cheap fix but would rather not waste time and effort.

Also as Diplomat came from MFI and they have gone bust is it possible to get spares for them? If it is can you advise from where.
If not then is there any "cross breeding" of parts with other suppliers, ie this model is made for Diplomat by Philips so their motor would fit, for example.




The chances are its the motor thats the problem.

The capacitor was just something you could try first if you wanted to.


As to getting spares you are right whirlpool made machine for diplomat but its not a normal whirlpool machine. Its a beko machine. But just click the link below for the motor for your machine. Just click the link below and scroll down to the motor.



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