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I have a Greenstar 28i Junior boiler. When not on the pressure

Customer Question

I have a Greenstar 28i Junior boiler. When not on the pressure guage is at zero. When on it only rises to midway between 0 and 1. How do I get the pressure up to 1 which is where the indicator line says it should be?

Also how do I set the time and set the central heating? The booklet does not give any details.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  Techdesk replied 7 years ago.


Have a look at the pipework to the boiler.

Is there a flexible hose joining two of them together?


What is the make and model of the programmer for the boiler?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Cant see any flexible hose. Im sure it is something to do with a key that can be inserted into the underneath of the boiler?


The boiler is a Worcester Bosch make. The programmer etc is integral to the boiler unit.

Expert:  Techdesk replied 7 years ago.


There should be a filling loop to pressurise the boiler.


There would be a valve to open on each end of the filling loop and it's normally a flexible connection between the pipes.

If you don't have this then I'm afraid you would need to check with the installer how he's done this.


There are several timers available for the boiler, which is why the boiler user manual says nothing more than "set the time".


Click here for all the literature


If you have a look through the available manuals you may be able to find the one for your programmer.


Check the pipework, look for valves and a connection between 2 of the pipes.

Open the valves and watch the pressure.

Bring the pressure up to 1 bar and close the valves again. (if the user manual states a different pressure go by the user manual).


Good luck