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Hi We have a Diplomat Oven (Model ADP5340). After a recent

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We have a Diplomat Oven (Model ADP5340). After a recent power cut the main oven is stuck on automatic/timer mode and we can't get it back on to manual mode. The main oven also doesn't work properly.

Does anyone know how we can move the main oven back onto the manual mode?




To set the clock try pressing the first 2 buttons on the left keep them held in and press eith the + or the - to set the clock.

let me know if this sorts it out or not.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi, thanks for the quick response


We've been able to set the clock ok. But the main problem is that the main oven appears to be able to be locked onto timer mode. When we try to use the timer to warm the oven it no longer heats up. I think the answer is to get the oven onto a manual setting (which it was until a recent power cut), but I don't know how to do this (and we don't have the manual).


The buttoms on the oven are: alarm, oven on, oven off, plus and minus





Ok is the clock flashing?

try turning power of to the cooker and leave for about 30 seconds.

Then press and hold buttons 2 and 3 from left and then press either the + or - button.

If the clock is set and not flashing or saying auto then the timmer is in manual.


As to the instruction book when mfi went bust they took the manuals so theres not much change of getting it im afraid.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi, thanks very much for your advice....the oven is now in manual mode but the oven doesn't heat up. The fan seems to be working. It stopped working when the fuse tripped...could this be linked? Or can you think of anything else that's stopping the oven from heating up? The side (smaller) oven works fine. Many thanks



Ok what you find is the fan element has gone and thats what has blown the electrics.


If you remove the rear panel inside the oven have a look at the element round the fan and see if you can see any blow marks on it. if so replace and it will be back to normal but changes are thats what the problem is.

Get back to me if you need anymore info.



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