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Zanussi dishwasher DW911 It is not filling. Pump is working water

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Zanussi dishwasher DW911
It is not filling.
Pump is working
water supply is OK
timer is OK.

Is it the inlet valve?

If so, can I buy a replacement and can I fit it easily?

Is the pump running all the time, when you switch the dishwasher on?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No. The pump only runs (I think ) when it is supposed to. Full details as follows:


We filled the machine and put it on the B (normal wash) cycle. We heard the normal pumping out sound. That then stopped, the detergent cube was dispensed (you can hear it fall) and then we didn't hear any 'swishing', normally associated with water. We then smelled a sort of burning smell, and opened up the machine to see that the element was hot, but there was not water inside.


I poured 4 litres of water into the base of the machine - I then turned the dial back to B, closed the door and this water was all pumped away.


I tried the D setting (simple rinse): here the dial went around as it should, but alas - no water entered the machine and nothing was rinsed.


I checked the water supply to the washer. this is under the sink and it seems OK (ie valve open - as it has been for the last 7 years. I closed and then reopened the valve).


So, in summary, timer is working, pumps works, element works, but water appears not to enter the machine anymore.


Importantly perhaps, last week, the machine stopped mid-cycle in the middle of a B (normal) wash. When I opened the machine, there was dirty water sitting in the base of the machine. I closed the door, moved the dial along one click and it seemed to continue, this happened a couple more times before eventually coming to the end of the cycle.









OK, it sounds like it could be the inlet valve. This is the item that your inlet hose is attached to at the bottom of the back of your dishwasher.
See here

This is the valve. Mark and remove the leads to the valve and test it with a meter to see if it is opem circuit. If it is you will need to replace it.
If it isnt, pull off the small tube which is the overflow device, then refit it and see if this has cleared the problem.

Do not turn the dishwasher on its side to work on it, you have to work on the floor

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