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I need to fit a replacement element in an electrolux oven,

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I need to fit a replacement element in an electrolux oven, model EOB 5700X. The oven itself was fitted by the builder when the property was built 3 -4 years ago, and it has electric rings above it.ringsCan you advise please on how I remove the existing element. I particular how do I get at the nuts that I assume secure the metal rectangular plate to the back of the oven.
Is This is a fan assited oven with the element and fan behind a panel?

Thanks a lot
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes, there is a fan fiited behind the back panel. The element is in the top.


Sorry, im confused. Is it the element behind the panel in the oven you are changing, or is it the element on the hob?
Also, do you have the element already?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes I do have the new repacement element.

The element in the oven is positioned flat at the top (the roof of the oven) and it plugs into the back panel of the oven - above the fan. It is secured into place by two screws each through a holding bracket and going into a panel at the top (roof) of the oven, and by with two screws going through a metal rectangular metal plate at the back of the two terminal plug ins which go into through top of the back of the oven ( the area above the fan). Hope this makes sense.


OK, the element you are wanting to replace is the grill element that fits to the top of the oven. Its kind of an irregular shaped rectangle. Its NOT the circular element that fits behind the panel which comes on with the fan for baking.
Is this right?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes thats right
Thanks for that

First, turn of the power.

Ok. Normally you need to undo the screws at the back and gently pull the element forward.
There are two types of element that can be fitted.
The first have spade push on connecters. If this type is fitted you need to be carefull that when you pull the element forward you dont pull the wires off. If they dissaper into the back you will have to remove the back cover and retrieve them..
The second type is just a straight forward push in into a block.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for that but the problem that I am having is getting those two screws off. They only have small bolt heads with nothing much to get hold of so I have been reluctant to use much pressure to undo them. Even on the new element those two bolts seem fixed in the plate. So are you saying that they do unscrew, even though there is little head on the screws to get hold of - that is really what I need to know.. Many thanks.
on the new element do these bolts have a threaded section on the end? It is possible that they are bolted on from the back with nuts.