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I have a Hotpoint FFA90 fridge freezer. A small pool of water

Resolved Question:

I have a Hotpoint FFA90 fridge freezer. A small pool of water is forming around the front left hand corner adjuster. also ice is forming under the bottom drawer of the freezer otherwise the fridge and freezer are working ok any ideas please ?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  Drcool replied 8 years ago.

if ice would form at the lower back portion of the freezer, it could be an early indication of a defrost issue.

water around the corner could be coming from ice forming in the vents of the chiller section. thawing a bit and dripping down the fridge section.

you can observe the unit since it is still not affecting the performance of the cooling. but otherwise if this would continue, the first thing that would be affected is the cooling of the fridge section not cooling as it should and the frost at the freezer section would increase.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
as both the fridge and freezer are both working ok it would appear to be caused as the automatic defrost operates.I have been told by a friend that a drain may be blocked.could this be so, and if it is what can I do to rectify the problem ?
Expert:  Drcool replied 8 years ago.

if it is a drain problem,

two ways,

one, if you have the time and a place to store your food, unplug the unit for 48 hours with both doors open and all the ice would surelly be thawed. plug it back after that and it would run normally again.

two, you can open the freezer back wall, and use warm water or ordinary fan or hair blower set to cold.( do not set hair blower to hot because it could trip thermal overload inside the evaporator.) to thaw the ice and the blocked drain. the drain would be at the center of the drain pan and the water should go down straight to the back of the unit. it could either go to a drain pan on top of the compressor or to the bottom of the unit.
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