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The tv is split 2 images ping and, not sure how old it is

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the tv is split 2 images ping and green
JA: What's the model number of your TV? How old is it?
Customer: not sure how old it is but model 40pfl4909/f7
JA: Does the TV menu work? Do you have the same problem on all sources/inputs?
Customer: tv menu works
JA: How long has this been an issue? What happened right before this popped up?
Customer: it happened a while ago just trying to see if it can be fixed
JA: Anything else you want the Expert to know before I connect you?
Customer: dont think so

I am sorry you are having trouble here,I am presently reviewing your question be with you very soon.


If you press the menu button of the sets OWN remote control is the menu pink and green too please?or is this normal?

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
its also pink and green

OK have you reboot the set?unplug from wallpower wait 5 mins replug back in?if not please do let me know if anything changes

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
ill try that now

ok take your time

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
its still pink and green and shaking

That is odd, you are sure about that menu check ?the sets OWN menu using the sets OWN remote control that came with the set is definitely affected ...its pink and green too?

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
100% using its remote. not a universal one. i can take a picture of how it looks

Yes take a pic with the menu not up and with it up please

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
attached pictutres

Did this happen without any prompting?you have not had work done to the set and you have not had the back off the set?

This is YOUR set you havent just bought it second hand or whatever?

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
bought it new it worked for a year then this happened

That is odd, its looking like a bad LCD panel (screen) but it could be the t-con board this is the board that drives the LCD panel,the catch 22 is that it can't be checked only replaced to eliminate it, the symptoms its displaying are quite odd though however because the menu is badly affected and this is sent direct into the t-con board and onto the panel its a sure check that problem is either t-con or panel, do you want to replace this board yourself?I will provide all relevant info,cost of board around $80

If the t-con does NOT work then that means its the panel (screen) that is not an option to replace

Please I would be grateful if you could you rate the information or answer positively with the rating bar of stars at the top of the page, rating me positively enables me to receive payment from the site thank you, ***** ***** question is open for 30 days.


Anthony_Infotech and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 27 days ago.
can you provide all informations? ill do the replacement my self and will do ! this was really helpful

OK before we do I would like you just to try another input like a DVD player and let me know if that is the same before we push on

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
all the inputs are the same. i tried cable box. laptop and play station using the AV cables instead of hdmi

OK that confirms then, when you get the back off the set you will see a ribbon or multistrand lead on the mainboard (the one with all the AV inputs on)going from the mainboard to the t-con board usually mounted upper middle of the set and may be covered by a shield, you need to get the board out of the set, and retrieve the partnumber found on the board,with this partnumber try using the part-number ONLY, if they do not have it google the part-number for suppliers.Its the reverse to fit no setting up

Any problems let me know,if you are not sure take more pictures

Please be aware that if the t-con does not fix it just leaves the panel itself