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Vizio model VA26LHDTV10T was hit by a thrown remote screen

Customer Question

vizio model VA26LHDTV10T was hit by a thrown remote screen is not cracked but has only lines as random junk on it.
JA: Can you guesstimate how old your Vizio is? And just to clarify, what's the exact model?
Customer: 2009 I want to connect a led monitor to it can I do that?
JA: Does the TV menu work? Do you have the same problem on all sources/inputs?
Customer: can not see anything on screen to tell
JA: How long has this been an issue? What happened right before this popped up?
Customer: last night someone threw a remote at it
JA: Anything else you want the tv expert to know before I connect you?
Customer: no I just want to connect a external monitor to it
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Aric replied 8 months ago.

Hello, Sorry you're having problems. Unfortunately no, you cannot connect an external monitor to the Vizio, as it has no provisions for Video Out- only Inputs and audio Ins/Outs. Whenever the display is impacted causing lines it indicates the internal LCD below the top screen has failed and the set is not repairable. However, a more practical workaround would be to simply connect whatever devices you have directly to the monitor (cable box, DVD, etc.).

If you can reply back with the brand and model of your monitor and also what "Sources" you want to connect (include make and model) then I can help you connect these directly to your monitor.

Expert:  Aric replied 8 months ago.

Other than that, I'm sorry for the bad news and wish there were a quick fix.

If you need further assistance let me know. Before you go, PLEASE DO click at least a 3 STAR RATING, at the top of your screen (scroll up the page to get to the STARS). That is how I am credited for my efforts by the site. You can follow up any time as needed at no additional cost.

Expert:  Aric replied 8 months ago.

Do you need further assistance with this?

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
This does not help
What I was asking was how to connect a external monitor to the tv.
You say no way to do this... ok.
Then what do you think was damaged by the hit to the screen " there are no cracks on the screen what so ever"?You had said 5.00 dollars deposit but it turned into 28.00.
I can purchase new tv for 119.00 so I am not will to put a lot of money out.
I will agree to 15.00 if you do.
Can you tell me what part you think was damaged?
Expert:  Aric replied 8 months ago.
If you're saying my info does not help then I will not vest any more time. I will opt out and perhaps another expert will assist.
Expert:  Nathan replied 8 months ago.

Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today.

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with this but I’ll do my best to help you out.

I can help you with this, but the fee is fixed at the 28 amount, which is what it always was. We are all licensed experts here, and we charge a fair price for service. 5$ is not the price, only the initial deposit, you agreed to the full amount on the payment page. Rationally you can’t expect highly trained and licensed service professionals to work for $5 or less. For comparison purposes, you'd be paying a $100+ diagnostic fee for this same help from a local tech at a repair shop.

Please let me know if you'd like to proceed, and I can explain this issue further to you.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I can replace tv for 119.00 so puting 100.00 would be foolish.
However if you can tell me how to connect an external monitor and it works without me investing over 45.00 including the 28.00 then we proceed if not I will part it out on ebay.Its a vizio tv model VA26LHDTV10T " there are no cracks on the screen whatsoever"?
I can not see anythhing on the screen.
I will be out and in today also.
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Also I understand about your fees no one wants to work for nothing
Expert:  Nathan replied 8 months ago.

There is no connecting an external monitor to it unfortunately.

The screen issues, even if not visibly cracked, indicate internal lcd panel damage.

The electronics inside are designed only to drive the built in panel (screen) there is no video output. Even if there were, the only utility of the tv at that point would be as a tuner, for use with an antenna. You can buy a standalone tuner box for about $30 to use with a monitor+speakers, if that is what you want as an alternative to replacing the tv. If you are using a cable/satellite box or other external input, then the tv has no purpose at all, you could hook a monitor directly to such a device without needing the tv.

There are no video output ports though, only internal ribbon cables from several boards that address video signals to the built in screen.

You can certainly part it out, but for a 2008 vizio product it is already about 3 times its service life so the board inside have little value. Personally, I'd replace the tv entirely at this point, it has served its life and value several times over and isn't worth trying to salvage.

If you'd like info on that tuner I mentioned though, just let me know.

Best regards, ***** ***** for the news,