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Mitsubishi WT 42311 oct 2002 dead microprocessor? Front

Customer Question

Mitsubishi WT 42311 oct 2002 dead microprocessor? Front light does not rapidly blink when powered on. Just a steady green light then after a few minutes turns off. Can I buy a microprocessor?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 9 months ago.

Usually the microprocessor doesn't need replaced. If you unplug the TV set's power cord and plug it back in and the green light continually blinks without stopping after 70 seconds...that's an EEprom/software issue.

Do you check the Menu+Input buttons on the front panel AFTER the tv turns itself off? That's when any fail codes appear. You can't turn the TV on, then off because that erases any possible fail code. Code 12 indicates there is no problem with fail codes.

Read these instructions -

This model is equipped with a self-diagnosis feature to help with diagnosis of shutdown problems. To activate this turn the unit on let it shutdown then press the input and menu buttons on the front panel simultaneously and hold them in for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds the power LED on the front panel will blink a two digit sequence. This will be one set of blinks a short pause then another set of blinks, then LONG pause; this will repeat 5 times.
1 - 2 = no error detected
2 - 1 = X-ray protect (high voltage or beam current)
2 - 2 = Short protect (short protect monitors low voltage supplies)
2 - 3 = Deflection protect (this could be loss of vertical or horizontal deflection)
2 - 4 = Vertical protect (usually loss of vertical from the source)