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I have a Samsung LN40A550P3FXZA TV with a distorted picture.

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I have a Samsung LN40A550P3FXZA TV with a distorted picture. The colors are not correct and it always has a high degree on contrast (especially on faces/white), no matter what brightness/contrast settings I choose. Color also appears to gradually change the longer the tv is on.
- I reset the defaults, didn't do anything
- The 'menu' page looks normal.
- Accessed "Service Mode / Factory Mode" and changed LVDS Out option and it only got worse
- Accessed "hidden factory mode" and went through all the patterns.
The first green screen has very minor attenuation or flux
Other colors look ok
On the black and white patterns there are other colors showing (vertical green bar on left edge of screen, the top and bottom of a pink bar in center, etc. ...and these colors change)
Also, maybe related or maybe not, the remote is very temperamental. It takes a long time to start working. i.e. you have to press the button maybe 10 times to get it to work, sometimes 25+ times... it just depends. (replacing batteries has no effect).
Any ideas!? Appreciate your help,



Did you put the LVDS setting back to where it was please?you took note and reset everything back?


We have to start from the beginning ideally with no settings altered


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I returned LVDS to its original setting.

I strongy suspect t-con board issues a common probem with this set, however a proof of that is the menu is usually affected so you need to bring the TVs own menu up again (normal TV not service mode) and observe the menu closely is it nice and bright?it should appear bright and sharp, lettering should be perfect white

Let me know please


If you are very unlucky then its a bad LCD panel again there sould be some indication of the menu not being correct in its appearance


Have you checked the menu againplease?


Please let me know i will then push on with this thanks


Just to emphasize many people do not check the menu properly as at first it may not seem as though the menu is affected but quite often I find the menu is affected when I check myself they are just not thorough in the check, some TVs behave differently from others and it may be perfectly noticable this set however needs to be scrutinized more

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Tough to tell regarding the Menu page. The lettering is not sharp (its pixelated slightly) and not super bright white (its slightly gray/or dim) but it also isn't very obvious that something is wrong. The column of icons is also 'contrasty'. Problem is I don't remember if it was this way before it 'broke'.Would sending a picture help?Also, in picture "standard" mode, the default contrast is set to 95. This seems odd to me but may be normal?

You could send a pic but it won't show up propely on a pic, from your comments I would say the t-con board is bad , in 95% of cases with this model its t-con board issues

what you need to do is get the back off the set, now you will see a unmistakeable ribbon or multistrand label going from the mainboard (thats the one with all the AV input connectors on)to the t-con usually mounted upper middle of the set and may be covered by a metal shield, you need to carefully get this board out of the set (its about 5 inches by 2 half)and retrieve the partnumber found on the board itself with this partnumber go to first if they dont have it google the partnumber for suppliers .

We must use the partnumber found on the original board as there may be different ones in the same model set that wont work.

I would be most grateful if you would consider rating the answer positively with the rating bar of stars at the top of the page, rating me positively enables me to receive credit from the site thank you, ***** ***** question is open for 30 days, if you need more help let me know

Many Thanks


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Ok - will get the back of the set, see what I find and get back to you. Thanks.

You will need to replace it, the t-con can't be checked its a data board not checkable

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Also, would a bad t-con board make the remote work inconsistently?

No that is a different issue, we begin by resetting the TV in the settings menu with that then move on from there, it could be the remote itself bad firmware or a bad IR receiver or mainboard, resetting is the first thing to do

I did see you done this in the service menu so that clears that, you would need to check the remote is OK with a digital camera during the time its not working

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Anthony - I ordered the part. Will be happy to rate you (and credit you) but just want to see this through to completion and make sure I don't have any questions/issues with installing the part. I'll be out of town for a couple of weeks but will install it as soon as I am back home and then get back to you.Appreciate your time and help,

Jeff that is no problem let me know how it goes I will get back to you if I dont hear from you thanks again


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