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During a recent storm our power went off and on a couple of

Customer Question

During a recent storm our power went off and on a couple of times. Real fast.When it came back on to stay, my big Vizio in the great room didn't come back on. This is normal for it. You have to manually turn it back on. When I did, it had a blue screen & "no signal" was scrolling across the screen. Called repair and he said my HDMI thingie was fried. Not the cable..the thingie on the back of the tv. Funny, because when he came out and switched me over from Dish to Directv, he said the one on the Vizio in my sons bedroom tv was also no good. Said Vizio was bad for that. So now we have no Roku in either room. Make a long story short, he went to his truck and came back in with a cable and hooked it up. But today, when I turned the tv on, I can't get anything because the cable he replaced it with is not HD and all the channels are HD. What I am wondering is this: Can I get a new HDMI cable and hook it up and have everything be good? Am I just being sold a bill of goods because I'm a 74 yo woman who doesn't know anything? I really liked Vizio and have been replacing all tvs in my home with Vizio. So far 3 out of 5. But if the HDMI connecters are bad to go out, maybe I've made a big mistake?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  littlerusty2005 replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is***** is a budget brand, meaning they use cheap parts to build them. Their digital electronics such as the HDMI board inside the TV is not built very well, and they do tend to go out from power outages. That means a cable most likely won't do any good. However you can try different HDMI ports, because sometimes the damage is limited to certain HDMI ports.

If you use a screw in coax cable, that uses a different circuit board, and it is full HD. That input is not related to the HDMI board.

Additionally you can use red/green/blue "component" cables to get 720p, which is still HD.

To prevent damage in the future, if there's a storm coming in, and you think the power may flicker, unplug your electronics whenever possible.

It doesn't sound like they are selling you anything you don't need, in fact, it sounds like they are handling the situation like they should. HDMI boards fry in Vizio TVs very often.

If you have the Roku model with only HDMI, click here. This will convert the signal to component, and you will be able to have Roku. Since component is not digital, it has no relationship to the HDMI board.