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Anthony_Infotech, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  20+ years experience TV expert (field and bench) 9 approved qualifications in TV-ELECTRONICS
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I own a Samsung HL61A750A1F. Can someone help me with a repair

Customer Question

I own a Samsung HL61A750A1F. Can someone help me with a repair question?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Anthony_Infotech replied 1 year ago.
HelloWelcome Yes you are correct in assuming that a fan has stopped I think this fan may be the lamp fan however there are 4 fans in the set fan 3 is in-active, if you plan on doing work yourself the lower-back cover of the set will need to come off and the fans that are visible examined?let me know if you wish to do that.A tech would charge around $150 depends where you are if he has to replace the fan maybe $200 plus call-out, if you need a tech will locate a tech in your area Let me know if you need more help please Please consider rating the answer positively there will be a rating bar of stars usually at the top of the page, rating me positively enables me to receive credit from the site, thank you, ***** ***** will remain open and stay open as long as you need it, if you have any concerns please reply back and I will address any of your concerns, note the question NEVER closes, its open for further advice if necessaryMany ThanksAnthony
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I viewed a repair video on Youtube tht was very helpful. There are only 3 fans tot he TV and the youtube video showed all 3. I have no clue why you say there are 4 and #3 is "inactive." Makes no sense. I got $5.00 worth.......and that's all.
Expert:  Anthony_Infotech replied 1 year ago.
There are 4 one is a chassis you came for advice and promptly followed your own agenda why ask the question in the first place?
Expert:  Anthony_Infotech replied 1 year ago.
Good luck with it, 3 is inactive means its not working hence the check fan 3 look I am here to help if you do not want it or think you have found it then do not ask in the first place wouldnt you agree? Anthony
Expert:  Anthony_Infotech replied 1 year ago.
Thank YouAnthony