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I have a Viera 2011 plasma. We had a power outage the other

Customer Question

I have a Viera 2011 plasma. We had a power outage the other night and now the tv won't come on. It's on a power strip so I reset that. But now when I try to turn on the tv, the red power light comes on and then blinks 7 times. No picture after.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Anthony_Infotech replied 1 year ago.
HelloWelcome Can you please get me the model number found on the back of the set? ThanksAnthony
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Anthony_Infotech replied 1 year ago.
OK thanks now just to clarify you have switched the set off from the wall power took all the INPUTs out of the back of the set, let the set sit like that for at least 10 mins then switched the set back on again with no inputs connected?and you still have 7 blinks Let me knowAnthony
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Correct. Plus I vacuumed the vents.
Expert:  Anthony_Infotech replied 1 year ago.
OK you have a problem, 7 red blinks is normally scan board failure so its very likely this is the cause, what needs to be done now is for checks to be made with a meter (volt-ohm) and for those board(s) that are bad be identified and replaced I can help you with that however you do need to consider costs boards could amount to $200 this is if you do the work yourself Let me know your thoughts here Please consider rating the answer positively there will be a rating bar of stars usually at the top of the page, rating me positively enables me to receive credit from the site, thank you, ***** ***** will remain open and stay open as long as you need it, if you have any concerns please reply back and I will address any of your concerns Many Thanks Anthony