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The volume control on my DirecTV remoter control stopped

Customer Question

The volume control on my DirecTV remoter control stopped working with my Vizio E40-C2. I can turn the tv on or off and change channels and I installed new batteries -- so batteries should no be the problem. Suggestions?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Master Fix It replied 1 year ago.

Hi good morning, Im sorry to hear that. Can you turn the volume up and own using the BUTTONS ON the OLD TV remote?

Or even with the Buttons that are directly ON the TV?

a clear answer on that will help me knwo for sure what you need to do to get this working again;-)

Thank you

Tech Michael

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The Vizio remote appears to have been deactivated by the tech that installed my updated Directv system. At least, new batteries could not wake it up. My Vizio TV (Model E40-C2) has no buttons on the TV.
Expert:  Master Fix It replied 1 year ago.

Hi thanks,

There is no way to de activate that remote lol.

Does that remote, (with new full batteries) work any of the functions?

Also does the Direct TV remote control any of the TVs operations at present?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The DirecTV remote seems to work just fine with everything except volume. I double-checked the batteries in the Vizio remote and they are good -- 1.6 volts.
Expert:  Master Fix It replied 1 year ago.

Hi thank you so much for your patience.

If we had a way to test the remote but you say your Vizio remote wont work. We cant ;-(

But, with this problem, more than likely the remote has lost its programming.

You can try to reset this if you haven't tried that already. If you have tried this, then you need a new remote.

To be sure the remote that came with the TV isn't failed, make sure the contacts are clean, bright and shiny then insert NEW Duracell only batteries and try the remote. Let me know how that goes as well.

You can also verify if the remote is sending out any signals by aiming at your cell phone camera and pressing any button on the remote, you shoudl see through your phones screen what looks like a bright light emitting from the tip of the remote.

Let me know how it all goes, we will get this problem solved.

If all that checks out you will need to contact Direct TV because I highly doubt the problem is inside your TV ;-)

From everything you have told em I can say that with certainty.

Depending on your remote, they can tell you how re program it so all functions will work.

They don't charge for that.

In any case, I will stick with you until this is complete.

Please rate my service thus far.EXCELLENT (5 Stars) would be greatly appreciated.

Also it is the only way I am credited for my time and expertise with you.

Once you rate, I will be notified and will add your question to my priority list so you can reach me anytime until this problem is solved.

Then you can reach me by simply replying to this message anytime.

Thank you and have a great day!

Tech Michael